Together we create stories that have no fear of transience.

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Welcome to DIVNA DESIGN studio

  • DIVNA DESIGN is an interior design studio with its center in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica.
  • Studio aims to create custom-made projects that exude luxury and elegance, with a moderate and unobtrusive dose of extravagance.
  • DIVNA DESIGN does not classify its work within one style, but within the wishes and lifestyle of each individual client, through which it interprets its design story and creativity. For this reason, each interior becomes original and unique.
  • The authenticity of each project is based on achieving a balance between simplicity and sophistication, symmetry and asymmetry, spatial purity and fulfillment.
  • The studio offers custom-made design solutions to implement the client's vision from idea to realization.
  • With its rich portfolio, it is positioned as one of the leading design studios in the region.
  • Kristina Ivanović founder and director of DIVNA DESIGN studio developed her style and artistic sensibility during her studies in Belgrade and Milan, after which she mastered her knowledge in some of the leading companies in Podgorica, Belgrade and New York.
  • In 2019 she founded DIVNA DESIGN and began her own independent design career based on the creation of luxury private interiors and interiors of public spaces, such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and offices.
  • Through her work, Kristina defines modernity as a concept that does not move away from the past, but permeates it.
  • Due to her great love for art, often decorates interiors with works of art and unique designer pieces. She loves to play with contrasts, so in her projects you can find perfectly combined neon lighting with classic mirrors, classic furniture with exotic plants, all of it always harmoniously blended into seductive harmony and an invitation to an exciting design journey.
  • "Sometimes calm, sometimes exotic, and always with the same goal - to create interiors with the soul, awaken the senses and create a story that has no fear of transience."


As a newly minted non-profit, NYCxDESIGN builds on the organization’s strong history of leading New York City’s annual Design Festival with year-round, mission-driven design programming.

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The secret of a well-designed interior is in carefully listening to the lifestyle, habits and wishes of clients, but also adapting to the space and function it should have, as well as its location. Each interior must be special and unique as well as the client for whom the design is created.

The service of creating a design project of an interior or furniture includes the development of a conceptual concept, 3D modeling and visualization, as well as detailed technical documentation. The final segment of the service refers to the execution and monitoring of final works.

Portfolio of the DIVNA DESIGN studio consists of prestigious international brands and long-term relationships based on a commun vision and mutual love for interiors, starting from the largest to the smallest details that adorn the space.


Kotaktirajte nas na kristina@divnadesign.com

Addresa: Donja Gorica, Podgorica


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